The bathroom is where we prepare to face the world every day. While some may say that how a bathroom looks doesn’t matter, having an inviting space to start or end the day is becoming more important to the average person. Whether your bathroom needs a complete overhaul or just a few changes here and there, let AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile help make 2017 the year you finally turn your bathroom into your own private retreat.

Refresh the Room with New Paint
Painting remains one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a room, and bathrooms are no exception. If you’re tired of looking at your bathroom’s current drab walls, freshen things up with a new coat of paint. Look for gloss or semi-gloss paint, which are more resistant to mold and mildew. Try to avoid bright, bold colors to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. As a rule, softer, more soothing colors will do a better job of creating the atmosphere you’re striving for in your bathroom.

Update Your Lighting
It’s essential to have plenty of lighting in the bathroom to brighten up key areas, like in front of the mirror where good light is important for shaving or applying makeup. One light fixture doesn’t cut it in the bathroom, so invest in a few different kinds of lighting. For example, wall-mounted sconce lights on either side of the sink work well for shadow-free task lighting. For general lighting in the bathroom, recessed lights paired with a dimmer switch are a good option that allow you to adjust the brightness for a relaxing bath or a late-night bathroom visit.

Invest in New Flooring
A change in flooring can totally change the look of your bathroom, especially if you’re going from worn and torn linoleum or vinyl to something from AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile’s wide selection of tile flooring. Decorative concrete flooring is also an option that has been coming into style as of late. If you are a fan of hardwood floors, bamboo is a reasonably-priced, environmentally-friendly option that looks great in any room. Just make sure that the floor is properly protected and sealed after installation to prevent moisture damage.

If a bathroom remodel is not something you want to tackle on your own, don’t hesitate to contact us at (610) 344-7700. Let AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile help you design and build the bathroom of your dreams.