Clorox Wipes are Great…but not for your Granite Countertop

Every once in a while an invention or gadget comes into our lives and we wonder how we ever lived without it. For some folks it’s the Keurig coffee maker and of others it’s the Swiffer sweeper. There is nothing better than that gadget which makes our household run a bit more smoothly. Such is the case with Clorox wipes. There is no doubt that these little canisters of pre-treated wipes exist in a ton of US households in garages, under kitchen sinks and in bathrooms and supply closets. Consumers love them! Plumbers, on the other hand, have already come out in unison urging users not to flush these wipes as they have been known to clog up sewers as they tend not to break down in septic and sewage systems. As natural stone professionals, we would like to join the chorus in advising against the use of these wipes on your granite countertop. It is never a good idea to use bleach-based or acid-based cleaners on your countertop. So, in addition to Clorox wipes, lemon and other citrus based cleaners, Windex and even vinegar are generally off limits as these will eat away at the seal on your countertop and could stain the finish.

What then should you use? Good old warm water, dish soap and a wash cloth. Cleaning your granite countertop is a remarkably low-maintenance affair and as we have seen over the years, those folks who try to use harsh cleaners tend only to regret it over time.

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