Considering Quartz? We’ve got the Answers!

When folks are in the planning stages of remodeling their kitchen space, they inevitable consider every countertop option available> This process does not have to be overwhelming. For years, the most common choice for kitchen countertops was granite. Obviously, granite has always been the most natural option for countertops and many would still argue the most beautiful. Nowadays, there are even more choices however. Silestone, Corian and Quartz countertops are more popular than ever. So what is quartz and why do folks love it so much?

Quartz countertops are gorgeous and durable. Folks who truly use their kitchens love quartz countertops for the ease of care. No sealing or polishing is required. What’s more is that quartz countertops are not porous which is perfect for keeping kitchens clean and safe for families. If you are interested in quartz, call the pros at AAA Marble and Granite today at 610-344-7700.

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