Anyone with a family that cooks their own meals throughout the week knows the real purpose of a kitchen: to be a family huddle center. Fighting over the last cup of coffee, connecting with kids and passing down recipes through baking projects when grandma visits, all take place in the kitchen. It’s also the spot for reviewing your week while prepping dinner or washing dishes, and sneaking downstairs for a late-night snack during sleepovers. Kitchens are the place where the entire family gravitates when everyone is finally under one roof together, creating memories that last a lifetime.

However, if you live in a home that doesn’t have a family-friendly kitchen space, this might not be the case. Maybe your kitchen is too small, or isn’t equipped to allow children or the elderly to easily move about. If one of your goals this year is to create a more family-friendly kitchen, consider these design options:

  1. Size and counter space. If your kitchen is small or has very little counter space, it may feel too stressful and crowded for family to gather in. Consider opening up your kitchen with a renovation, or adding a kitchen island for more counter space to work on and seat people at while activities are happening.
  2. Counter and cabinet height. If you have elderly family members living in your home, a lower countertop height and everyday necessities in reachable cabinets can help them stay active in the kitchen and participating in family fun!
  3. Avoiding sharp edges. If you have children running around your home sneaking snacks from the kitchen before meals, or are even just clumsy yourself, sharp countertop edges can quickly become a hazard. When speaking with a designer through the renovation process, choose softer, rounded edges and corners.

When you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, start with AAA Hellenic Marble and get the tile floor, stone countertop and great-looking backsplash you’ve dreamed off, and turn your kitchen into a showpiece that is a fun place for the entire family to gather!

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