DIY trends are on the rise, especially with the availability of project ideas, materials and instructions online. Looking to build a new shelf for your living room? DIY! Trying to start your first compost bin? DIY!

DIYs are a fun way to get more involved with your home and use your hands, often while learning useful skills. However, there are some DIY projects that should be left to professionals to avoid big mistakes that can cost more money in the long run with repairs, or even devalue your home. Here are a few projects to never DIY:

  1. Plumbing. Unless it’s a simple fix, like a broken faucet or clogged drain, plumbing work often involves shutting off the water and cutting through the wall to reach pipes. One mistake can leave your water shut off for days! Leave complicated plumbing to the experts.
  2. Electrical work. Similar to plumbing, DIY electrical work leaves you with the risk of not having power for a lengthy period of time, which can be extremely uncomfortable if you have electric heating and cooling. However, it is also a risky task in general, especially if you turn off the wrong breaker or forget completely before touching any wires – you don’t want to get shocked or start a fire! Always consult an electrician when it comes to these types of repairs.
  3. Flooring and counters. Unless you’re using vinyl or tile, DIY floors and counters have a lot of room for error. If you know you’ll be selling your home in the future and don’t want to have to replace your surfaces again, call an expert. Improper installation or cracks created during the process can create problems like unleveled surfaces, and will be much more difficult and expensive to fix later.

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