Engineered Quartz – What’s the Deal?

Engineered quartz is more popular than ever. That’s the deal! Clients love quartz, Caesarstone and Silestone because they mimic the strength and look of granite but don’t tend to be as difficult to maintain.

Let’s be clear. There is currently no man made material on the market that can compete with the variety and beauty of granite. Period. Granite offers the patterns and colors that only nature can create.

However, granite requires sealing and polishing to maintain that glorious beauty. That beauty, by the way, is why millions of homeowners insist upon granite in their homes.

Quartz, on the other hand, does not need polishing or sealing and can be cleaned with a host of cleaning products whereas granite should only ever see soap and water and a small handful of approved cleaners. No 409 for example. Avoid the harsh stuff.

As with anything else, these materials are available to fit your lifestyle. They are priced about the same generally speaking so it comes down to personal choice. Be sure to pick a material that is best for the life of your home and family.

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