The timeless beauty of natural stone has brought a unique aesthetic and unmatched durability to kitchens and bathrooms for years. However, not everyone is in complete agreement when it comes to the finish of a bath or kitchen countertop. Traditionally, most homeowners have been looking to keep their granite as shiny as possible starting with the finish at our shop to proper sealing and continued cleaning throughout the life of the stone. Yet, in the past few years other preferences have emerged offering a more earthy tone to homes throughout the US.

Honed and rough finishes for granite are becoming more popular the more people see them in the homes of neighbors and friends or see them featured in magazines or on TV shows. The honed finish creates a softer look to natural stone. While maintaining the smooth feel of a traditional “shiny” finish, it has a matte look and the classic shine is muted. This finish tends to hide scratches pretty well and it works great in a kitchen or bath setting for modern, contemporary and classic looks alike.

Rough finishes, often referred to as leathered, brushed or antiqued bring out a more abrasive texture to the stone. Different stones are made up of various minerals and also differ in harness. Accordingly, just as with all things natural stone, no two will be exactly alike. The industry and consumers have yet to truly standardize on the different terms for various rough finishes. So, if there if there is a look or aesthetic you are looking for, it is best that we discuss it so that we are all on the same page in advance of your project.