Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

What holidays?  Whose kitchen? With less than two months until Christmas, it seems that we are all on the clock to make our holiday plans, check off items from our gift lists and get invitations out to family and friends from all over the Philadelphia area and beyond. Time is at an absolute premium this time of year. Is there still time to have new granite countertops installed before Christmas? You bet there is.

There is still plenty of time for the pros at AAA Hellenic Marble, Granite and Tile to solve all of your style and logistical challenges before the crowds of friends and relatives descend on your home this holiday season.  Our expert team will help you design the kitchen or bath that fits your budget, needs and tastes. Tiny bathrooms, outdated tile and inefficient kitchen space do not have to be your reality this December if you call AAA today.

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