Kitchen Backsplashes – Where to Start?

Glass or stone tile kitchen backsplashes can give some homeowners real trouble when it comes to a new look for a kitchen. We hear all sorts of frustration when folks come in to look at our array of tile and glass samples.

“We want it to stand out but we don’t want to go too crazy.”

The interesting aspect of a properly implemented kitchen backsplash is that it shouldn’t stand out per se. It should really bring the whole kitchen together. It has to. There are already so many colors and patterns in your kitchen. The backsplash should be uniting all of this. Think about it. You have woodwork in your kitchen which may be painted or stained. Granite, quartz or corian countertops that have a color or pattern that need to be matched. And of course the paint on the walls.

The backsplash should be like a man’s tie at a semi formal affair. Not only should that tie bring out the best of the man’s suit but also the dress of his date.

So, when it comes to your backsplash, plan everything else first. Our designers can always help you make the backsplash work after you have selected your favorite granite and your dream cabinets. The rest is easy. For design ideas and expert service, give us a call today.

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