Nature has given us soapstone in a number of colors and hardnesses. Softer variations of soapstone often contain higher amounts of talc and are used for carving because they can be easier for artisans to work with. For countertops, however, we use hard soapstone which can come in a number of shades of grays and charcoals and even some shades of green. Shades, colors and veining can depend on the parts of the world from which the stone is sourced and the types of minerals that make up the stone.

So why do homeowners love soapstone for their countertops? Soapstone countertops are the favorites of homeowners who are looking for both durability and beauty from their countertops. Serious home chefs truly enjoy being in the kitchen and see the value in quality design and usability. Homeowners who want to place a hot pot on a countertop from time to time without worrying about damaging the surface will understand why professional chefs often choose soapstone in their homes. Soapstone is non-porous which means the wine spills are not going to stain the surface. As far as maintenance is concerned, many homeowners want to ensure that the stone darkens evenly over time. So, while some insist on sealing soapstone, others will simply apply mineral oil from time to time to enhance the natural beauty of this superstar stone.

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