There are a number of trade associations around the country that we keep an eye on from time time in order to see which way the consumer market is trending in the industry. So, we were not surprised to hear recently that the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a not-for-profit trade association that represents the kitchen and bath industry, stated that their members are installing quartz countertops more than any other countertop material including granite, butcher block, tile and stainless steel. Granite, was still a close second, but this confirms a growing trend that we have seen here in the showroom over the past decade.

So why is quartz continuing to grow as a choice for builders and homeowners looking to renovate? Well, first and foremost, its a tremendously strong substance. The quartz that we install in homes is man-made or engineered to be impervious to breakage, scratches and chips. Families with less time to spend keeping up with maintenance love it because unlike granite, it does not need to be sealed to preserve its finish.

Now, most would agree that granite it still the most aesthetically stunning material used for kitchen countertops, but the flaked finishes and uniform colors are no longer the norm for quartz. One of the factors in the continued growth in the quartz market is directly due to manufacturers’ more recent ability to mimic the look of a natural stone finish in quartz countertops.

Now more than ever is a great time to look at quartz for your home. If you need a surface that can look great and stand up to scratches and the normal wear and tear of a household, consider quartz from AAA today!