“Granite countertops” is a phrase we hear often that you might immediately associate with a beautiful kitchen or bathroom. Granite has become a more affordable way to make your home feel luxurious and sophisticated, and there are many reasons why the material has become so popular among homeowners. Here are a few:

1.     Variety: Not all granite countertops are the same! You can get all of the other benefits of granite countertops without sacrificing your style, and AAA Hellenic has a large inventory of colors that is always changing.

2.     Durability: Granite is especially known for its durability. For kitchens that are used often with different appliances and dishware being moved around, a scratch-and stain-resistant surface can save you time and money on repairs later.

3.     Low-maintenance: When cleaned correctly, the sealing that makes granite countertops stain-resistant can last maintenance-free for up to 15 years! Thankfully, granite is also easy to clean because it is non-porous, meaning that bacteria cannot seep under the surface. Review our post about cleaning granite countertops to find out which cleaners will keep your kitchen in top shape.

4.     Timelessness: These no-compromise qualities of granite countertops unquestionably add value to any home, making it the material of choice no matter what other trends come and go. The colors will never fade, and any future potential buyers will be impressed with how your kitchen looks –  a big factor for any home on the market!

If you are ready to upgrade your countertops or other home element by bringing the beauty of natural granite into your home, give AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile, Inc., a call today at 610-344-7700. We offer a FREE in-home consultation with one of our excellent designers, and our experts will help you get all of the benefits of granite in your kitchen or bathroom!

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