When choosing materials for a remodel, or frankly, evaluating the pros and cons of a new home purchase, we all make our determinations largely based on aesthetic and practicality. A properly installed tile floor possesses a high degree of practicality and can set a tone for the aesthetic presentation of nearly any room in the house. So, why go with tile?

First, and don’t get us wrong, we love the look of a good hardwood, but a tile floor can also offer a timeless look, just like a hardwood floor can. What’s more is that both can give a homeowner an improved resale value for their home. But, our choice of material always extends beyond dollars and cents. What about living with a tile floor?

If you have pets or children and a wood floor in a kitchen or bathroom, you are already aware of the potential for deep scratches from accidents or untrimmed pet nails. You are also likely well familiar with damage done from water and other liquids. Ask any wood floor contractor and he can tell you where a homeowner keeps the dog’s water bowl just by looking at the wood. One of the biggest benefits of a tile floor is that the tile repels water unlike woods. This means that the risk of staining and rot from water damage is virtually non existent.

A timeless look, increased home value and a surface that carries with it the strength of stone. What more could you ask for? Well, actually people have asked for more and the industry has responded. In the last few years, manufacturers have dramatically improved anti-slip designs so that products used in kitchens and bathroom floor installations carry a lessened risk of a person slipping on the surface when it is wet. What else? Radiant floor heating has only improved over the last two decades, virtually eliminating concerns for chilly floors during winter months. No socks required!

At AAA Marble, Granite & Tile, we know that planning a kitchen or bath renovation project can be an anxious time for homeowners. Allow our designers and planners to take the stress out of this process for you by helping you to explore all of your options today. Call or visit us at our West Chester showroom to see how your next project could be enhanced by the beauty of tile!