Bathroom remodels are still among the most popular home remodeling projects preferred by homeowners, with some choosing to forego a tub/shower combo altogether and focus solely on a unique, luxurious shower. Spa-like bathrooms are also a great draw for potential buyers if you plan on selling in the near future. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, here are some of the current popular shower trends to think about as you plan its design.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors
Showers doors that are frameless require thicker glass and are therefore more expensive, but the resulting spaciousness and luxurious feel it gives your bathroom make the extra money worth it for many homeowners. With the right design and materials, custom frameless glass enclosures can virtually disappear in your bathroom, but keep in mind that you will have fewer options as far as measurements and installation than with framed enclosures.

Large Showers
For homeowners who have the room, large shower enclosures with a profusion of natural light are gaining ground. If you have enough space to contain the water, you can even forego a shower door altogether. A lip or small step may be used as a barrier to keep water off the bathroom floor.

Multiple Showerheads
If there is a height disparity between the members of your family, placing two showerheads at varying heights will make the showering experience much more enjoyable for taller individuals. This is also a good selling point for prospective buyers. You can even incorporate a hand-held showerhead for ultimate shower versatility.

Mosaic Tiles
These types of tile have become very popular due to their versatility. Bright mosaic tiles can bring the focus of attention to your shower. For a more subtle look, make use of them on the upper half of the wall while using neutral tiles of the same color but different sizes on the lower half and the shower floor. This will help to calm things down and bring balance to the space.

At AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile, Inc., we have a great selection of tile in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. If you are contemplating a bathroom remodel that includes a new shower surround, backsplash, or tiled walls or floors, we have everything you need. Just give us a call today at 610-344-7700 to set up a time to meet with one of our experienced designers.