What’s on Your Wish List?

The holiday season is finally here! We know how busy the next few months can be with gift shopping, hosting family and friends, and holiday dinners. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself and consider your own wish list as we head into November.

Often when thinking about our home, we want to impress guests, the neighbors or potential buyers. As the current resident, though, you are the one who sees your home every day. Your home should look the way you’d like it to be! Think about what you’ve always wanted in your kitchen, bathroom and living areas and decide what is on your wish list this holiday season. For instance:

Foyer: This is the first area in your home that you and guests see each time you walk in. Your foyer is the first impression of your home! Does it look the way you’d like it to, or has it simply become a place to toss your shoes and coat when you come home? It may be time to add a foyer remodel to your wish list, complete with custom tile!

Fireplace: Now that we are in the midst of the holidays, are you dreaming about a beautiful, warm fireplace to make the season cozy? Imagine all of the potential memories created huddling around the warmth of a customized fireplace! Add a new fireplace to your wish list now to set the tone for the holidays! We can help with custom surrounds and more.

Countertops: Why have boring countertops when yo

u can transform the entire look of your kitchen by replacing them? Add new countertops to your wish list this season to have the cooking and prep space you’ve always wanted! With new countertops, you can make your kitchen look and feel more upscale while increasing the value of your home.

This holiday season, let AAA Hellenic make your wishes come true. If you’re looking for the perfect foyer, fireplace or countertop materials and installation, give us a call at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our experts.

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