What’s Trending? That’s a Gray Area.

If you are someone who likes to be up on the latest trends in style and design then you may be interested to know that gray is the new black (white, beige and blue, for that matter). Maybe not for sweaters and summerwear, but certainly for fixtures, painted walls and even countertops. Designers and homeowners are requesting a lot more gray these days especially for bathrooms. We are seeing a lot of gray walls with white trim. This is a very clean, contemporary and neutral look for a bath and even some kitchens depending on space and light. It’s a look that many want to live with and others want to use as a quick transformation in a house that won’t sell. It’s finally okay to go gray!

Whether you are looking to give some gray to your home or go with another great color from what natural stone has to offer, give us a call today so we can find the right product for your project.

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