If you have decided to update your kitchen and are trying to work out what you want to add or change, now would be a good time to consider the merits of installing a prep sink. Many homeowners who do a lot of cooking or entertaining consider a second sink essential, and more and more people are adding this feature when they remodel their kitchens. Some people don’t see the need for a second sink, but that is often because they don’t understand its purpose.

Cleanup Sinks vs. Prep Sinks

The cleanup sink. This sink is pretty self-explanatory. The cleanup sink is where all the pots, pans, and dishes that don’t fit into the dishwasher are washed. Having two sinks is extremely convenient if you cook a lot because you can set the dishes you use for food prep in it to soak, or get them out of the way while you prepare the rest of the meal. It also works well for families, because kids can be washing dishes while parents are finishing up dinner, which reduces cleanup time later. In addition, one person can wash the dishes without having to stop to let someone rinse off the vegetables or wash their hands after working with meat.

The prep sink. If you do a lot of work in your kitchen, a second smaller sink, often referred to as a prep sink, can be a godsend. A prep sink is intended to be used to wash off and prep fruits and vegetables, as well as poultry and other meats. Ideally it should be located close enough to the stove and refrigerator to be easy accessed when cooking, and there should be a work surface next to it with plenty of room for prep work. Prep sinks are often added to islands for this reason.

Placement. The placement of the sinks is really up to you. The cleanup sink is usually situated away from cooking and food storage areas somewhat, which keeps dirty dishes from overflowing into the cooking area and getting in the way of food prep. Prep sinks, as mentioned before, work well when added to a kitchen island. Many people prefer this placement because it allows the cook to talk and interact with family members and guests while they work, though others like the reverse, with the prep sink on a perimeter counter closer to the stove and refrigerator, and the cleanup sink on the island.

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