Installing an outdoor kitchen takes a lot of time and energy. The homeowner must do their research to find a quality contractor, do lots of planning and spend a significant amount of money to build a new living space featuring kitchen appliances. So why settle for a look that is boring?

Just because a kitchen is located outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beautiful materials and colors. With the amount of effort that goes into creating an outdoor space, the end result should be a look that you enjoy and can’t wait to show off to friends and family during summer barbeques and evening parties.

Along with quality appliances and great storage options, you can still choose the same marble and tile materials you know and love from the interior of your home! We customize countertops and tile for all kinds of surface shapes indoors, and our experts are equipped with the knowledge to do the same outdoors.

You may still be wondering, “Will marble and tile hold up to the elements when they are located outdoors?” We will work with you to choose a material that looks great and holds up to the coldest winters and freeze-and-thaw cycles. With over 30 years of experience, our pros know which materials require extra care after installation, which materials are easy and low-maintenance, and which materials should be weather-sealed or reinforced.

This means that your outdoor kitchen will last for years to come, and the beautiful materials you’ve chosen will increase the value of your home and the appeal of your backyard.

If you are ready to extend your living space with an outdoor kitchen you’ll love, give AAA Hellenic a call today at 610-344-7700, and we’ll get one of our designers started on the perfect custom countertop for your outdoor space.

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