You’ve Renovated Your Kitchen and Bathroom…Now What?

So, you’ve finally gotten around to finishing your kitchen and bathroom renovations. October is around the corner, and you’re still not satisfied with the way your home looks. You might be wondering, “Now What?” Often, we complete projects that change the entire look of our home (for the better!), and realize that now none of our décor matches with the rest of the house. If you need some quick fixes to unify the look of your home, here are a few:

Color Scheme: By changing the color scheme of items in your home, you can change the entire look! Items that can be easily switched out through the seasons include towels, rugs, bedding and curtains. This fall, try adding darker colors that accent your flooring and counters.

Lighting: Changing some of the lighting fixtures in your home makes a big difference. For instance, low hanging lights over dining areas or kitchen islands can create a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere. In a room with ceiling fans that feature a harsh overhead light, try adding floor lamps that you can set to your exact preference. If you have darker flooring and countertops in your bathroom, you can install lighting around the mirror to make the room appear more open.

Wall Art: If you have frames on your artwork that matched the previous style of your home, switch them out for new ones. If your walls are bare, look for pieces that will match your renovation. This could be artwork and family photos, or even something as simple as a wall clock or shelving. Take a photo or sample of counter and floor colors for your frame shop to match or accent.

Other small items can be added to change the feel of your home as well, such as plants, candles, books and ceramics.

If you still haven’t started your remodel but are ready to today, contact AAA Hellenic Marble & Tile at (610) 344-7700 to speak with one of our specialists!

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